The islands’ most sought after Personal Trainers can be found at FIT.LK. Training with FIT.LK changes your lifestyle and not just your body. Fitness doesn’t get any more personal than this!


FIT.LK began in 2014, with Isuru & Natasha. Isuru’s passion for fitness and also helping others achieve what he had, fueled the desire to create a niche in the fitness industry, in Colombo. Social Consciousness of a healthy lifestyle, wasn’t that great at the time and so they wanted to create more awareness.


The idea behind FIT.LK is ‘Custom Personalized Training’. It takes you out of being the stereotype ‘gym goer’ to really understanding your body, why you are working out and how exactly it will benefit you. Isuru & Natasha realized that many people were either uncomfortable to go to a gym, because they would be judged for their weight or size, or, they would like to go to a gym and wouldn’t go, because of the lack of knowledge the trainers at their gym had.

Whatever your age, fitness level or requirement, Fit.lk guarantees an individualised training initiative that will give you the expected results. The fitness programme customised for you will be more than your usual gym or fitness experience or work out programme – the focus will be all about YOU. Each individual firstly gets physically assessed with an initial  meeting, then a schedule is put down, the number of days for training is decided along with the location you will  be comfortable training at, Isuru & Natasha also believe that fitness is not just about the exterior, so they extract from a deeper insight into your life and how it affects you. Thereafter, a guideline of what you should and should not consume is submitted to you, and training begins. Their training sessions go on for one, to one and a half hours and the schedule keeps changing along with your progress.


Training with FIT.LK is a change of lifestyle and not just your body.




Isuru is one of the most sought after trainers in Colombo. With 2 years of Personal Training experience alongside 6 years of training himself, he has experience working with a wide range of clientele.


Isuru now works with celebrities, CEO’s, professional athletes, models and everyday people. Having completed his ACE certification in Malaysia, he then returned to fruit ‘fit.lk’ and take Personal Training to different level. Isuru with his wife Natasha has appeared in Vogue Magazine, Daily Mirror and has been featured on Fitness Island (the biggest fitness movement in Sri Lanka).

Growing up in Ratmalana, Isuru beginning his career in dance, started to make his way into Fitness at the age of 17, when he realized his small structure wouldn’t help him defend himself from bullies. So he started his fitness journey at a small gym called ‘Muscle Master’ in Mount Lavinia. He would work a 9-5 job, and simultaneously train 5 days a week.


His interest in the art, would lead him to research for days on the anatomy of each muscle and then create exercises that would stimulate its growth. He would watch and learn everything he possibly could from the trainers at that gym and find ways of improving and changing the workouts that were taught to him.


After less than a two years of training, Isuru found immense results in his body and then decided to pursue fitness further, so he brought a friend into the gym that had a very petite structure, and began training him one-on-one, as his first ever experiment. In less than 6 months, his friends body grew, and it was final, that Isuru would be the next biggest ‘fitness guru’.




Who’s maiden name is Natasha Amarasekera, is also a highly sought after female personal trainer, dancer and athlete in Colombo. She is committed to helping people of various levels of fitness be their best, while looking good and feeling great. Whether your goal is to be lean and toned, or build some crazy muscles, Natasha will get you there.


Her workouts are creative, and the results speak for themselves. Natasha’s personality will put you at ease when you train with her; she has a way about her, even during the most intense moments of your workout, that will make you smile.

Natasha grew up abroad, and then moved to her hometown in Kohuwela at the age of 9. Fitness was a distant thought, as her love for food and fashion was her primarily liking. At a very young age she took up dance and her passion for it grew and took her into dancing for the corporate industry, which is where she met her ‘husband to be’. Her fitness journey began when Isuru introduced her to the gym he was then training at, that was the first time she had ever heard of a gym.


5 years later and she is as passionate about fitness as Isuru is. They do absolutely everything together and are passionate about everything they do. Together they are the ‘fitness power couple’ that is taking Colombo by storm.