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ISURU FONSEKA is an advocate of life and youthful vigor driven by passion his journey of success stems from a perfection driven attitude and an innate ability to thrive under adverse circumstances. Being the grandson of the infamous Gamini Fonseka and C D Fonseka only consolidated his ability in diversity and talent.


What makes Isuru so accomplished is his humble approach in skill perfection thus facilitating an environment of result oriented endeavors. His diverse portfolio includes him captaining the St Peters Rugby team from 2004 to 2006 leading them to victory and crowned Champions at the All Island Singer League. He also Dances professionally, having danced for Swarnavahini, Sirasa and Derana and has trained with Nicole Scherzinger’s Choreographer! In addition Isuru was a model at Artwalk and Embark, he stared in many television commercials and was a TV host at CSN having his own show, Music Runway.

Today, Isuru together with his equally success driven wife are the founders of FIT.LK and are successful athletes in their own right, Isuru’s holistic array of achievements has attracted the élite of clientele allowing him the unique privilege of catering to a couple of celebrities along the way.




NATASHA FONSEKA the wife of Isuru Fonseka is an accomplished athlete in her own right consolidating and fortifying the business acumen the couple present in providing a quality service. Her passion towards her craft sees the dawn of novel ideas and versatile programs retrofitted to an individual’s need pioneering the creation of triplefit, a mix of strength, pilates & cardio. she is an excellent coordinator and enjoys thriving under the pressure of performance.

Natasha’s accomplishments are truly admirable as they bring forth a holistic character through diverse exposures. She was a Basketball Champion back in 2006 having played for Alethea International. She too was trained with Scherzinger’s choreographer and is a professional dancer and singer. She’s been a part of the Imzy’s (Sri Lanka’s best bollywood group) & Muddrika Dance Studio (One of the most sought after local dance crews) from 2009 – 2016 and continues to pursue dance as a sport! And has been singing since she was 14.


Natasha not unlike her Husband has also had the privilege of catering to the elite and is also a Riverlution athlete that started off being placed 14th in the half marathon at the 2016 ISR marathon run in Colombo.



KEVIN WIMALADASA, is a goal oriented individual who is a firm believer in hard work and dedicated to passion. His life style and choices has seen him achieve in all arenas of his sporting career. His limitless energy source is addictive as he encourages his clients to achieve in the same manner.


Kevin’s diverse sporting career supports his passion for Rugby, having played Under 13 and Under 15 Cricket and do a little bit of Swimming, he excelled in his sport of choice, Rugby all the way from Under 13 to the Under 17 teams for St Peter’s College. He played 1st XV Rugby since 2008, having debuted in 2011 and went on to become unbeaten Triple Champions in 2010! Presently, Kevin is a CR Rugby Player.

Kevin started work at John Keells Holdings PLC as a Tea Executive and then joined Asia Siyaka Commodities PLC as the same. He currently works as a Tea Taster at Ambassador Tea and as a trainer with the Fit.lk team serving passionately with his do or die attitude and is truly appreciated for his “can do” demeanor always ever ready to drive forward into success.



SONALI RODRIGO, an alumni of St Bridget’s Convent, is a passionate individual with a unique effervescent personality bringing a whole new energy to the Fit.lk team. Her candor can be quite misleading as she is equally ferocious when it comes to her diversity in passion.


Sonali has been a Sprinter from the age of 7. She conquered Athletics in School, becoming House Games Prefect and then went on to win School Colours for Athletics. In 2016, she was placed 32nd on the LSR Colombo Marathon, running amongst 7,500 other participants.


Sonali is a graduate from the Australian Institute of Business, having read for a Master’s in Business Administration in 2015. She worked for two and a half years at Sri Lankan Airlines and then went on to Qatar Airways where she worked as the Cabin Services Director for six and a half years. She then decided to become a bit more terrestrial and worked at the Sales and Marketing Department of John Keells for four years.

Currently she is a diverse business women planning weddings under her banner “Wow Beginnings”, she is a Supermodel at The Agency Sri Lanka where she an award for Best Style! She is also the General Manager at Firret Holdings and a trainer at fit.lk.


Sonali is a force to be reckoned with as she is such a success driven personality and Fit.lk is only consolidated in diversity as she brings her vast resources to the table to shape the future of fitness!



ROSHITH PERERA, was a thespian at the prestigious Colombo International School, from 1988 to 2002. He is a powerhouse of fitness with a ferocious attitude where achieving the impossible is the definition of his goal orientation.


Roshith’s accomplishments not unlike the other trainers affords the Fit.lk team with a vast array of resources fortifying the team with a holistic personality. He is the lead vocalist of Noah’s Ark, which was the finalist band at TNL onstage in 2003. Not only does he have a passion for the Arts but was also the seven-year unbeaten champion in the 33 and 1/3 m breaststroke event and was the former record holder for 50m and 100m breaststroke for Inter-International Schools in 1999. Roshith was a competitive swimmer for RCUAC under his uncle, the late Rizvi Zain. During his time there, he was placed within the top three from 1995 to 2001 and again in August 2016 at the Masters Swimming Championship. He is currently a competitive swimmer for SSC under Mahesh Karunaratne.

Currently he is the director of two established businesses: Canro Exports (Pvt) Ltd and Canro Trucking and Cargo (Pvt) Ltd, a competitive swimmer for the Singhalese sports club and is the youth pastor & worshipper at Wow Life Church.


His diversity in his many endeavors does not deter him for his love of sport and the passion to impart his ability to break limits and push boundaries through the Fit.lk platform.