Like everyone who chose not to be fit, I had my fair share of reasons. I had back problems, shoulder problems, knee trouble, plantar fasciitis and a weak Achilles tendon. At my heaviest of 95kgs I have had 3 gynecologists and an endocrinologist diagnose me with PCOS/type 2 diabetes and a hormonal imbalance. A ton of prescription meds later, when the scale refused to show anything less than 85 kilos, I visited 3 more dietitians for help. I’ve been on millions of diets, starved myself till I became hysterical. I have tried out quite a few gyms around town as well. Buying 6 to 12 month memberships at gyms, most of which I’ve never set foot in after registration. And yet here I was 34 years old, large in frame, 169 cms in height and was morbidly obese.


When I was just about to give up, I met Natasha Fonseka. After a trial session, I signed up with Natasha/fit.lk to be trained. Though it was physically demanding, I

thoroughly enjoyed being trained by her. She made sure all my problems were addressed and nothing hurt whilst training, and also patiently pushed me. The only thing I hated, was writing down what I ate, when, and why and it never made sense to me either. Till Natasha started pointing out things I conveniently ignored from my own food journal. I remember suddenly being made aware of every wrong choice I consciously made. I never wanted to accept that I, myself was responsible for my unhealthy lifestyle. I blamed everyone around me for every wrong choice I made in life, and continued to do so. With Natasha pointing it out, I knew I had to change! Whilst training harder and longer I was taught to balance my nutrition and to avoid what made me sick. I learned the value of eating quality food and how it can satiate me, when I understood what unhealthy food does to all the hard work I put in. Natasha taught me to live healthy and stay fit.

‘Today at 65 kilos, a lot leaner, healthier
& at a dress size of 8, I am the person I always
wanted to be. I am a woman who makes conscious
decisions in life, and chooses for myself. And if it’s not the
best choice I would accept it and move on to do better.’

Fitness is not only about being physically fit. It’s having the emotional strength and the mental capacity to go through life unfazed by what’s NOT for you. We set our own standards and we define our own selves .I’ve always wanted to be happy with who I am and to be able to do a handstand!!! What I couldn’t do for 34 years, Natasha helped me achieve in 12 months…

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